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Who we are

The Crump Group is family owned and operated, producing all natural, gently dehydrated single and limited ingredient pet treats since 2006.

Our Mission & Values

It is our mission to challenge and evolve the way we think about pet well-being and the planet.

We embody an
Entrepreneurial Mindset

We put
Quality First

We act with

We work as a

Cohesive Team

We embrace
Agility & Adaptability

We act with


Our Story

We've outgrown our family garage, but our values remain the same.

Joe & Margot Crump


An idea for a new kind of pet treat

Joe and Margot Crump settled in Caledon Ontario with their four kids and their dog Alice. As life long dog lovers, they were frustrated by the lack of single-ingredient dog treats on the market in Canada, so in 2006 they launched Crumps’ Naturals from their garage.

First Crump Group HQ


The first Crumps' headquarters

A country garage is converted into a 400 square foot “kitchen”. Margot and Sharon, a friend from high school, fill bottles with liver sprinkles and use a home iron to seal the tops!

Spreading the Word


Spreading the word

Margot and Joe start attending consumer shows in the Toronto area introducing dogs to their three products: Beef Liver Fillets, with or without garlic and Beef Liver Sprinkles.

Crump Group Expanding


Time to expand!

Joe and eldest son, Jacob, build an additional 500 square feet of space to the garage to accommodate the growing orders.

Who Knew Dogs Love Sweet Potatoes?


Who knew dogs liked sweet potatoes?

Sweet Potato Chews are born, a Crumps’ signature product. Trials begin with a wall mounted sweet potato slicer in the garage.

Crump Group First Location


Crumps' first commercial location

Leaving behind its humble beginnings, the company moves to a 6000 square foot facility in Caledon.

Moving to the Big City


Moving to the big city

An exciting time as The Crump Group moves from Caledon to a new food grade plant in Brampton, Ontario.

Crump Group Quality Control


Quality control becomes a mainstay

Quality & Food Safety are our top priority, consistently earning SQF certification with an Excellent rating in line with global standards.

Crump Group Awards


We continue to grow

We received press coverage along with several awards for our customer service, innovative new products, fantastic trade show booths.

Sustainability Coalition


Engage in sustainability initiatives

We joined the Pet Sustainability Coalition to collaborate with others in the pet industry to create positive impact for the communities and environments where we do business.

Crump Group Mississauga Location


Our new state of the art facility

Upsized to our new facility in Mississauga where we ensure the highest product quality standards.

Crump Group North Carolina Location


Expanding to producing in the US

North Carolina sweet potatoes have been a key ingredient in several of our products for many years. Our new facility in North Carolina offers streamlined access to this important raw material and provides us the ability to grow our business in the US.

Certifications & Partners

Pets Canada
Ocean Wise
FedDev Crump Group
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